After the Rhinoplasty Procedure: Recovery & Post-Operative Instructions

Patient recovery is fast and the post-operative period entirely painless. Dr. Mireas thoroughly explains the instructions for the period following the procedure.

Rhinoplasty Post-Operative Instructions: Recovering, Care & Monitoring After Surgery

At the VIP-Rhinoplasty Center, Dr. Mireas always explains the post-operative instructions thoroughly and makes sure you understand them. The instructions will also be given to you in writing in case you forget anything.
Rhinoplasty Post-Operative Instructions: Recovering, Care & Monitoring After the Surgery

It is extremely important to follow all the instructions your surgeon gives you

The first few days after surgery. The immediate post-operative period.

  • The patient is allowed to get out of bed as soon as the rhinoplasty is over and can be discharged just 6 hours later – or very rarely the next morning in severe cases of revision surgery.
  • A very small amount of ointment is applied inside the nose – avoiding the need to use gauze packing, which is uncomfortable for the patient, especially during removal.
  • After cosmetic or functional rhinoplasty, it is necessary to keep washing inside the nose with a saline solution (or similar preparation) and applying nasal ointment three times a day for about a month.
  • No painkillers are necessary, as you will not be in any pain after the procedure.
  • Antibiotics are prescribed for three days as a precaution.
  • The small plastic cast placed on the nose for protection in the operating room is removed just 4-6 days after the procedure. This is entirely pain-free and takes less than a minute.
  • The nose is very gently cleaned, and three tiny external stitches are removed (if used). None of this causes the slightest pain and the entire process lasts no more than five minutes.

The first few weeks after surgery. Recovering from rhinoplasty.

post-operative instruction after rhinoplasty at VIP-Rhinoplasty Center of Athens Greece with Dr. Mireas

Although the time required to heal completely can vary greatly from person to person, the general instructions are the same for everyone.

  • It will be some weeks before you are allowed to take part in physical exercise or sport, as your nose must not get injured in any way. The time depends on the kind of activity. For example, you can return to gentle cycling sooner than you can go jogging, which sends vibrations through the body.
  • At the VIP-Rhinoplasty Center we have specially-made masks for wearing during contact sports such as basketball or soccer, so that athletes can return to training or competition as soon as possible.
  • For one month you will have to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or extreme cold.
  • The procedure can be performed at any time of year as long as you avoid exposure to high temperatures.
  • You can return to swimming once the cast is removed and can even put your head in the water. However, in outdoor pools or the sea, avoid the hottest part of the day during the summer, and don’t jump or dive into the water.
  • So, by all means go for a swim in the morning or the evening, but you must prevent your nose from getting injured.
  • It is best to limit alcohol consumption and tobacco use for a while.
  • Contact lenses can be worn immediately after the procedure.
  • Because glasses and sunglasses put pressure on the operated area, you shouldn’t wear them for some weeks. Lightweight frames that sit gently on the nose can usually be worn comfortably about a month after the procedure.
  • At the VIP-Rhinoplasty Center we can provide you with a special device so you can wear your glasses immediately after the procedure if you either cannot or do not wish to wear contact lenses, or if you want to wear sunglasses. The device fits easily on the forehead and is very discreet. Manufactured in the US, it is suitable for all types of glasses and can be used for as long as pressure on the bridge of the nose needs to be avoided.

Going home. Returning to your country of residence.

Patients can return home as soon as Dr. Mireas has removed the cast and made a final check on the nose.

There are no restrictions on how those residing outside Athens can travel – even trans-Atlantic plane journeys are allowed.

Post-operative care is very simple – washing of the nasal cavity should continue for a month and knocks to the nose should be avoided for some months.

Medically speaking, there is no need for a further visit to the VIP-Rhinoplasty Center because the results with Diamond Piezo Rhinoplasty are safe and guaranteed.

However, we always maintain a strong relationship with our patients and recommend another visit one month after the procedure, and once again three to five years later.

This is somehow difficult for patients outside Athens – and especially outside Greece – but they often send us photographs, which we are delighted to receive.

Quick FAQ's for the recovery period after the rhinoplasty procedure

Can I blow my nose after the operation? If I blow too hard, will it spoil the results of the rhinoplasty?

Avoid blowing your nose for two weeks. Wipe it gently with a tissue, if necessary.

Can I sneeze after the operation? If I sneeze too hard, will it spoil the results of the rhinoplasty?

If you have to sneeze, make sure it is always with your mouth open, to reduce the pressure inside the nose or it may cause a small nosebleed. If this happens, don't worry. Place some dry cotton wool in your nose for 8-10 minutes, gently remove it, and you will be fine.

How should I sleep after my rhinoplasty surgery?

Your head should be a little higher than your body, so you are not sleeping in a flat position. For the first five days after the surgery, sleep with your head slightly elevated on 1-2 pillows to reduce the possibility of swelling and minor bleeding.

How soon after surgery can I have a shower?

You mustn’t get the splint wet, so until it is removed, wash your face carefully and gently pat it dry with a towel.

You can wash your body normally at your preferred water temperature. However, do not shower for too long, because this will produce a lot of steam and increase the temperature of the bathroom.

How soon can I wash my hair after the operation?

It is best not to wash your hair by yourself until the splint is removed (about a week) unless you have someone to help you. You can get into the bathtub and wash your hair with your head tilted back, but you mustn’t lean forward or get the splint wet. Another solution is to go to a hair salon.

How soon can I go swimming after rhinoplasty?

You can swim in the sea or a pool as soon as the splint is removed. You can even put your head in the water – just make sure you don’t be injured by others.

FAQ’s for Post-operative period.

Rhinoplasty Post-Operative Instructions Recovering, Care & Monitoring After Surgery. Dr. Mireas VIP-Rhinoplasty Center
Dr. Mireas answers to the most frequent questions about rhinoplasty surgery

Dr. Mireas answers to the most frequent questions about rhinoplasty surgery

After the Rhinoplasty Procedure: Patients’ Post-Rhinoplasty FAQs

Dr. Mireas Video Answers to your FAQs about Rhinoplasty

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