Our patients often choose to combine rhinoplasty with chin augmentation surgery (genioplasty) to create the appearance they have always dreamed of.

Each of our patients has their own unique expectations from the cosmetic surgery they choose.

Dr. Mireas MD-PhD is an ENT Specialist in Facial Plastic Surgery, and his goal is always an attractive, functional result that leaves the patient completely satisfied and will improve not only their appearance but also their confidence and their life in general.

In order to give patients what they want and to achieve the best possible results, we often decide to combine two different procedures.

Important information about combined rhinoplasty and chin augmentation surgery

The aim of combined rhinoplasty and chin augmentation surgery is an attractive, symmetrical face.

Before and 6 days after combined rhinoplasty and chin augmentation surgery.

This means a face with a beautifully shaped nose that blends seamlessly with the rest of the facial features, such as the chin, and allows the face to move naturally when speaking, while ensuring that the nose functions properly, improving the patient’s breathing, where necessary.

Chin augmentation (genioplasty)

Chin augmentation, also known as genioplasty, aims to reshape the chin so that it fits better with the rest of the face.
enthema gia epemvasi pogonoplastikis plastikis pygouniou
A silicone chin implant. The shape is very distinctive.
enthema pogonoplastikis apo ton giatro
Dr. Mireas shows the chin implant to a patient
This is achieved by inserting an implant through the mouth or through a small incision on the outside of the chin.

The aim of combined rhinoplasty and chin augmentation surgery is an attractive, symmetrical face.


The main things you need to know about chin augmentation:


Chin augmentation combined with rhinoplasty or other major operations takes place under general anesthetic.

If the operation is on the chin alone, it takes place under local anesthetic and rarely under general anesthetic.

The stages of chin augmentation surgery

Depending on the case, rhinoplasty surgery in combination with chin augmentation surgery involves the following stages:

·       The patient is placed on the operating table.

·       The area is disinfected.

·       Local anesthetic and sedation or general anesthetic (if required) are administered.

·       The area where the implant will be inserted through the mouth or through a small incision on the outside of the chin is prepared.

·       The implant is inserted in the chin area.

·       The incisions are closed.

Photos before and 6 days after rhinoplasty and chin augmentation surgery

Duration of the procedure

Combined with rhinoplasty, chin augmentation surgery takes up to three hours in total.  

Stay at the clinic

You will be able to leave six hours after the operation. If other procedures are performed at the same time, such as uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, you will stay overnight and leave the next morning.


The results of chin augmentation surgery are permanent, and no follow-up surgery is required.

Successful chin augmentation surgery

The success of chin augmentation surgery depends on choosing an experienced surgeon, who in consultation with the patient, will create a beautiful, natural face.

Combining procedures

If you have chosen combined chin augmentation surgery and rhinoplasty:

·       Make sure you are informed in detail about the stages of the surgery that apply in each case during the rhinoplasty procedure

·       After the rhinoplasty: read in detail about recovery & postoperative instructions following rhinoplasty surgery.

In addition to rhinoplasty, chin augmentation is often combined with other facial procedures, such as surgery on the eyelids or ears, a facelift, or liposuction.

After chin augmentation: postoperative instructions

After chin augmentation, postoperative instructions are given to the patient in writing by the specialist facial plastic surgeon.

The patient's recovery is fast, and the postoperative period is painless.

To answer the questions most frequently asked by our patients, we have put together a list of simple postoperative instructions for after the chin augmentation procedure.

·       Discharge from the clinic takes place on the evening of the same day or the next morning.

·       After the operation, a special bandage is placed on the chin for 5-6 days.

·       A little swelling may occur in the area and there is usually a small amount of discomfort that goes away with over-the-counter painkillers.

·       It is recommended to eat soft foods only for one week.

·       It is possible to return to work after about 7 days.

·       The difference is visible immediately, but you will see the final result in one or one and a half months.

Christina chose combined rhinoplasty and chin augmentation surgery. She underwent nasal surgery with the most advanced Piezo ultrasonic rhinoplasty system and had an implant inserted in her chin. 

Combined rhinoplasty and chin augmentation surgery. Six days after the operation, the bandage was removed & Christina saw the result.

Six days after the surgery, the gauze was removed from the chin and the splint from the nose, and Christina could not contain her excitement when she saw the result: “OMG! It's perfect!”

FAQ's about combined rhinoplasty and chin augmentation surgery

Should I get a chin implant at the same time as a nose job?

If your chin is small, rhinoplasty and chin augmentation in combination can give your face a balanced appearance that would be impossible to achieve with rhinoplasty alone.

Why should I get a chin implant at the same time as a nose job?

It is sensible to have rhinoplasty and genioplasty (chin augmentation surgery) performed by a specialist facial plastic surgeon at the same time because it avoids the need for two separate surgical procedures and two periods of recovery.

How long do the results of chin augmentation surgery last?

The results of chin augmentation surgery using silicone implants are permanent and will last a lifetime. The chin implant cannot move or change position once it has been inserted.

Will I be in any pain after chin augmentation surgery?

There is very little pain involved in a chin augmentation. You might experience a little swelling and there is usually a small amount of discomfort that can be relieved by over-the-counter painkillers. The area might also be a little numb for the first few weeks.

Do chin implants look natural?

Modern silicone implants are designed to look and feel as natural as possible. They are placed very deep, right on top of the chin bone, so it will not even be noticeable that you have been operated on.

Do chin implants feel strange?

A chin augmentation with a good quality silicone implant performed by a qualified facial plastic surgeon may initially feel a bit strange but this sensation will disappear completely after a few weeks, and it will feel totally natural.

Will I have trouble smiling after a chin implant? Will my smile be different?

The implant is placed deep on the chin bone and the muscles that move the lips are not cut at all, but you may feel some difficulty in smiling at first. This can last a few days or weeks and is caused by the swelling from the surgery. Once the swelling has gone down, your smile will feel completely natural and will be unchanged.

What is unique about the VIP-Rhinoplasty Center

Patients coming to us know exactly what to expect from their procedure.

Dr. George Mireas MD-PhD is an Otorhinolaryngologist (Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon) specializing in Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery. He is an expert in ultrasonic rhinoplasty and has extensive experience in rhinoplasty procedures combined with chin augmentation.

Before the rhinoplasty/chin augmentation

Before your surgery:

·       A complete and thorough examination takes place before your surgery.

·       Only at the VIP-Rhinoplasty Center can you see what the results of your chin augmentation will look like in three dimensions with the special Vectra M3 3D plastic surgery imaging system from USA.

·       With our on-line preparation for surgery and our Medical Tourism plan, we serve patients not only from Athens but from the rest of Greece, Cyprus, and other countries.

During surgery

·       The new ultrasonic rhinoplasty technique with the Piezo system, also known as Diamond Rhinoplasty, was introduced to Greece by the specialist ENT/Rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. George Mireas. It enables the surgeon to sculpt the bones without having to break them.

Recognized as an expert in Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty, Dr. Mireas has appeared as a guest speaker at the largest international conferences.

After the operation

·       There is no pain after the operation, only a slight discomfort

Your rhinoplasty from A to Z

·       See videos and photographs showing your rhinoplasty procedure step-by-step, from the day of your first visit to the day of the operation and then the postoperative period in videos and photographs.

See a video of real-life patient testimonials about various rhinoplasty procedures.

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