My rhinoplasty experience from A to Z.

Katerina had always wanted a nose job.

She agreed to let us record her experience in order to show the whole procedure in photographs and videos, from her first visit, to the surgery, and the post-operative period.

“Before deciding to go ahead with the procedure that I had always dreamed of, I spent a lot of time searching for an experienced surgeon, specializing in rhinoplasty, who I could trust.”
ultrasonic rhinoplasty before photo expert plastic surgeon dr. mireas
Rhinoplasty: Photo before the operation
rhinoplasty after photo expert plastic surgeon dr. mireas
Rhinoplasty: Photo after the operation

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty: my personal experience

When I first visited Dr. Mireas, what really made an impression on me was the amount of time he spent with me.

my ultrasonic rhinoplasty story real nose job experience with Dr. Mireas the rhinoplasty expert at VIP-Rhinoplasty Center of Athens Greece

I soon realized that a short 10- or 15-minute consultation wouldn’t have been enough for such an important operation. If I hadn’t been able to ask all the questions I wanted to, I certainly wouldn’t have understood everything that I needed to.

I first explained to the doctor that I didn’t like my profile, that the tip of my nose was too wide, and that my nose moved downwards when I spoke or smiled.

I also told him that the most important thing was for my new nose to fit with the other features of my face.

After this, we began the main part of the examination.

Clinical examination, endoscopy and medical history.

First of all, the doctor took my medical history, starting with how old I was, if I smoked or drank, and asking about other daily habits such as diet and exercise. Then he asked me if I had any existing or previous health problems.

Once he had taken my medical history, Dr. Mireas examined the inside of my nose using video endoscopy and showed me the result on a computer screen, explaining that I had a deviated septum. Until then, I hadn’t even realized that this was the cause of some minor breathing problems that I had been experiencing!

He reassured me that he would be able to correct this during the operation and that I would be able to breathe normally from then on.

3D rhinoplasty simulation

Once Dr. Mireas had thoroughly examined the inside of my nose, we were ready for the 3D simulation.

I Rinoplastiki moy mw yperhxoys. Video me alithini martyria. Prosomoiosi plastikis sti myti prin kai meta. Dr Mireas. Exelixis Medical Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Athens Greece.

I sat in front of a complicated-looking piece of equipment with 3 cameras. Some lights flashed, and in less than a minute, a 3D-image of my face appeared on the computer screen.

Based on this image, I was able to explain exactly what changes I wanted.

Dr. Mireas then created a set of pictures of what my nose could look like after the operation.

Before the rhinoplasty procedure: discussion with the surgeon

I told Dr. Mireas “I want you to improve my profile, to raise the tip of my nose and to fix it so that my nose doesn’t move down towards my mouth when I smile or laugh. I also want my nose to be thinner, because it is too fat.”

Dr. Mireas then explained to me what was surgically possible and what would fit better with my face. He assured me that the result would look absolutely natural and no one would even realize that I had had a nose job.

We spent an hour looking at different options on the screen. Using the mouse, we changed the size and shape of my nose, trying out different widths and angles. We were able to put one version next to another, or on top of another, and make lots of other comparisons before arriving at exactly the right one for me.

For the first time, I was able to see before and after images of my nose.

And sure enough, the nose that I saw on the screen was exactly the same as the one that I would see in the mirror a few days later!

What I realized is that the 3D simulation can help answer a lot of the questions that a patient might have.

A patient can also have an unrealistic “shopping list” of wishes and demands. Thankfully, with a 3D simulation an expert surgeon can easily explain which are surgically feasible and fit better with a person’s face, appearance and personality.

I decided to go ahead with the Piezo Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

Dr. Mireas made me feel so calm and confident that it was an easy decision to go ahead with the rhinoplasty.

He explained to me that he uses a new ultrasonic technique called piezo to actually sculpt the nose, often avoiding the need to fracture the nasal bones, which in conventional rhinoplasty involves the use of hammers and chisels.

Dr. Mireas reassured me that with this new technique, he would be able to achieve both a natural result and a beautiful nose that fits perfectly with my face. I was ready. I booked the surgery and the only thing I had to do was not to eat or drink anything the night before the operation.

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The day of the surgery

I arrived at Mediterraneo Hospital just a couple of hours before the operation, I signed some papers for the admission, and they gave me a pre-op examination.

I was shown to my room, which was warm and pleasant. Dr. Mireas and his colleague, the anesthesiologist Dr. Makrypoulias, visited me in case I had any last-minute worries or questions.

A few minutes later, I was taken to the operating room. Before I had even counted to three, I was asleep, and my operation had obviously begun.

After the surgery

Two hours later, Dr. Mireas, and his team woke me up with a smile and shortly afterwards I was taken back to my room. Dr. Mireas passed by to see me, to ask if I needed anything, and to make sure I knew what my post-op instructions were. Because Dr. Mireas does not use internal packing, I didn’t need to see him for another six days, when I would come to the VIP-Rhinoplasty Center to have the cast removed and I would finally be able to see my new nose.

I was able to get out of bed almost immediately; I ate a light meal later in the afternoon and I left hospital in the early evening.

I had to take antibiotics for just 3 days and to wash the inside of my nose and apply an ointment 3 times a day for a month. Dr. Mireas told me that I wouldn’t need any painkillers and he was absolutely right! I didn’t feel any pain at all, either in the first days or later. The only thing I noticed was a slight swelling, which went down very quickly and had completely disappeared after about ten days.

The natural result of my nose job

Six days after my surgery. I visited the VIP-Rhinoplasty Center for the second time. The big moment had arrived! Using a Q-tip, Dr. Mireas very gently removed the cast from my nose and as he had promised, it didn’t hurt at all. He performed a quick check of my breathing and we were ready. Dr. Mireas handed me a mirror and I saw my dream had come true!

“It’s exactly what I wanted! It’s not someone else’s nose! It’s mine and it’s absolutely beautiful!”

I would personally recommend that anyone who wants to improve their appearance and their breathing should go ahead with it and not be afraid. It’s so easy and painless that I’m sure they won’t regret it.

The most important thing is to find the right doctor, who can perform the surgery that you really want, ideally using the piezo technique. I would also say that it is essential to have an extended consultation including a 3D simulation followed by a discussion that answers all your questions, to make absolutely sure that you want to go ahead with the operation.

My rhinoplasty surgery on Video

In the video below we follow Katerina from her first visit to the removal of the cast.

We would like to thank Katerina for letting us tell her story.

I Rinoplastiki Mou Se Video. Alithini Istoria - Martyria Asthenous. Dr Mireas Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty. Exelixis Medical Athens Greece.

FAQ's about patient's rhinoplasty experience

Is it normal to be scared before a nose job?

The most important thing before going ahead with a rhinoplasty procedure is to find a surgeon that suits you and whom you trust. Some patients may be quite scared or nervous before going into the operating room. This is absolutely normal and understandable. Discussions with your doctor will help you feel safe and protected before you go ahead with the operation you have always wanted.

I want my nose to look natural and I don’t want people to realize that I’ve had surgery. Is that possible?

Of course! The goal of a rhinoplasty operation is to have a natural looking outcome and for the nose not to look as if it has been operated on. It shouldn’t even be noticeable that you have had an operation.

I want to have a nose job but I'm afraid of the general anesthetic. Can I avoid it?

There is no reason to be afraid of general anesthesia. The drugs administered by the anesthesiologists during the procedure have been used for decades and are completely safe. While you are sedated, you will be monitored constantly by state-of-the-art equipment and a team of specialist anesthesiologists.

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